When you want to ensure the temperature within your packed heat-sensitive items is consistent and controlled at all times during transportation, you wish you had an insulation material so effective,it can virtually guarantee you 'rejection-free' consignment.

When you need an insulation material that does not permit heat build-up, and is highly efficient in deflecting heat, you need an insulation material that evolved from the space-age.
Packaging of Fresh and Perishable Products
When used with THERMAFREEZE® or THERMARITE COLD PACK®, THERMAGARD® Radiant Barrier Bag packed frozen, chilled, or fresh products freighted over long distances, arrive in pristine condition. This means for you, commanding premium market prices for your products.

Protection of Temperature Sensitive Products
THERMAGARD® acts as ultra protective insulation barriers against radiant heat for pallets of temperature-sensitive precision items in the aviation, scientific and medical industries.

Practical, Personal Products
ThermaGard® can be easily fabricated into designs of household and personal items such as protective covers, bags, sun-cap, clothing, umbrella, etc.

Thermarite Cold Pack®
Gel Pack as refrigerants made from THERMAGARD® material can be used to pack the temperature sensitive products such as vaccines, insulin packs, picnic box and etc.
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