For those of you who are in the supermarket business and poultry processing, the need for your products to be presented 'fresh and hygienic' during its shelf-life, is a critical requirement for product appeal.

The existing method of over-wrapping for displays on supermarket shelves and other retail outlets is grossly inadequate and laboriously inefficient-

► Products are continuously being soaked with its own biological fluids, rendering it unhygienic and unattractive to your customers;

► The high incidence of re-wrapping to remove biological fluids continuously emitted by the products, incur unnecessary extra costs in packaging materials, labour, and its time-consuming;

► The process of improving product appeal by constantly re-wrapping to remove biological fluids, product weight decreases and subsequently resulting in loss of revenues.
Clearly, this importance aspect of supermarket and poultry processing operations itself, needs nothing short of a revolution.
SUPASORB® is the result of extensive research and technology, and is designed to offer you an incomparable Total Liquid Disposal System which will benefit your operation immeasurably.
The Benefits of SUPASORB®
► SUPASORB® continually absorbs, retains, and isolates all excess biological fluids released from your products to ensure prevention of contamination and bacterial growth thereby resulting in fresh, hygienic products and better product appeal.

► SUPASORB® boost sales because displayed products have vastly improved visual presentation.

► SUPASORB® renders costly re-packing obsolete because SUPASORB® works continuously until your customers dispose it off conveniently.

► Fluid released is retained within SUPASORB®'s unique structure, thus maintaining initial product weight and your revenues.

► SUPASORB® prolongs product shelf-life for maximum sales exposure to your customers.

► SUPASORB® different sizes suit a wide range of your requirements and applications.

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Meat Soaker Pad
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